A Message From Buzz Durkin


I am happy to be writing to you and love keeping you part of our dojo family by letting you know what is going on.

This has been an exciting spring time for us. We recently (May 6th) had our annual Black Belt graduation and 150 students were elevated to their next rank from among all the Association dojo. Each dojo put on a demonstration, and they were all spectacular.

On May 5th, we had seminars conducted by George Mattson and our seniors. Over 80 Black Belts enjoyed the training and the overwhelming comradery. At 81 years of age, George Mattson still moves gracefully and his understanding and experience are second to none. He loved being with our students!

Our seniors, Judy Durkin, Leyn Burrows, Paul Trickett, and Neil Stone are preparing for their testing which will be held at SummerFest the first weekend in August. Check out how they are getting ready by watching their training videos on Youtube – Uechi Ryu Butokukai. I think you will enjoy them and hopefully become inspired.

In our never-ending quest to improve out teaching skills, several weeks ago we conducted a multi-dojo STORM training session. We developed and practiced teaching skills and drills to make learning even more educational and fun.

Please try to attend our Adult Alumni Workout on Saturday, June 9 at 11:00. These workouts are always fun and a great time to reconnect with former classmates.

All the best,

Buzz Durkin