The Black Belt Graduation

Black Belt Graduation

This past weekend, Buzz Durkin’s Karate School and the Uechiryu Butokukai hosted a graduation for it’s black belt candidates. This is a momentous occasion in a martial artist’s career and is an achievement in hard work and determination. To all of our new black belts and to our next-rank black belts, congratulations! The black belt graduation celebrates and honors the hard work and dedication these martial artists have put forth. There were demonstrations from multiple dojos participating in showcasing the skills and techniques of their individual students.

Earning a black belt in any style of martial arts is a huge achievement in perseverance. The process of earning a black belt differs by the style of martial arts and the school that teaches it, but martial artists must have determination to reach their goal of black belt. At Buzz Durkin’s Karate School, it takes years of dedicated training and hard work before a student can earn their black belt. We strive to teach our martial arts to show excellent self control and determination.

High-ranking black belts fondly refer to the first degree of black belt as a stepping stone. The martial artist is now a serious student. There is still so much to learn and to perfect and a person could spend a lifetime mastering Uechi Ryu. Enjoy the journey as you progress.