Admissions Procedure

To qualify for enrollment, potential students are asked to go through the following Admission Procedure:
Step 1: An appointment is made to tour the school and meet with our Program Director, Head Instructor or Headmaster.
Step 2: Participation in our Introductory Program.
Step 3: Enrollment conference. Both parents are requested to attend for an enrollment of a student under the age of eighteen.
Step 4: Acceptance into our Fast Start Program.

Introductory Program
Your first lesson is a one-on-one private (or small group class for friends and family members) lesson with one of our qualified black belt instructors. We use this time to introduce you to our school, as well as teach foundational martial arts movements and self-defense techniques. Our Introductory Program includes two half-hour private lessons, a karate uniform, and a student evaluation. Our Introductory Program is valued at $59.95.

Tuition Options
Regular Program
Our regular program is a twelve month enrollment based on 100 classes per year. Group classes are 45 minutes for beginner junior students and 60 minutes for beginner adult students. Group classes are scheduled six days a week. For beginner students we have a maximum student teacher ratio of 4 to 1. We start all beginner students in our Fast Start Program which includes six private or small group lessons with a black belt instructor. We do this to ensure that the student is confidently prepared before moving into regular group classes.

Our regular program also includes the following: Testing & Belt Fees, Make-Up Lessons, and Private Lessons when needed.

The price of our Regular Enrollment is $180 per month with a deposit of $640.
Or $205 per month with a deposit of $340.

Second Family Member
Second family members receive a 5% discount on our annual tuition.

Pay In Full Option
For students who wish to pay in full we provide a 5% discount on our annual tuition.
This option includes the same benefits of the Regular Program.

Month-to-Month Option
We also offer a Month-to-Month option at $275 per month with a 30 day cancellation notice.
This option includes the same benefits of the Regular Program.