Compassion in the Martial Arts

compassion two karate teen girls shaking hands

Compassion comes in many forms to many people, but it ultimately is showing someone you care for them. At Buzz Durkin’s Karate, compassion is taught in every class. Children learn to socialize with people of different ages, getting to know different types of people and making new friends. Teamwork with…

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Showing Modesty

Two teens showing modesty

Modesty The quality or state of being unassuming or moderate in the estimation of one’s abilities. During childhood, I always loved to run races with other kids. It was fun to play and exciting to see who could be the fastest. However, there was one kid who no one ever…

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The Way Place

The word dojo is Japanese for way place. Of course, this can be interpreted in many ways. It can be taken literally to mean a place where you learn the way of karate, or it can be more figurative, meaning where you find your way. I like the second meaning….

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How to Confront and Resolve Conflict

Yelling Man Conflict

At its core, karate is about dealing with conflict. Through our training, we learn not only how to defend ourselves from attacks, but also how to recognize a potential threat and, if possible, avoid a physical altercation. So, how can karate teach us to avoid conflict? To help explain, let…

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How Karate Helps Kids Focus

Martial arts is not just about self-defense. With proper teaching and time, it also becomes an effective tool to develop social and life skills. Learning focus is one of the top reasons parents bring their children to our school. I recall one of our students who needed a heavy dose…

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