The Importance of Martial Awareness

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Development of awareness is crucial for a martial artist. That is because awareness of ourselves, others, and our environment is the first step in self-defense. By developing a keen sense of awareness, a student of the martial arts will be better equipped to defend themselves, more able to understand the…

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Why I Train

why i train young karate woman

People practice martial arts for many different reasons. Personally, I have two primary motivations for training; improving myself and to more effectively help others train. I am an instructor at Buzz Durkin’s Karate School and I teach children, teens, and adults Uechiryu karate. When I am teaching someone, I strive…

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Why Women Should Train in the Martial Arts

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More women than ever before have begun learning how to defend themselves through the martial arts. Gone are the stereotypes of woman as weak, dependent, and helpless. Today’s woman is stronger, more independent, and more proactive in achieving her goals – many thanks to their training. The reason women begin…

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The Confident Karate Kid

confident karate kid

Have you ever wondered how martial artists always seem to be so confident and self-assured? The secret of their confidence comes from their training. It takes time to become confident in themselves and to prove they can accomplish their goals. As martial artists practice their karate week after week they…

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Why we should be Grateful

Young Boy and Girls Karate Hug Gratitude grateful

In day-to-day life, it’s easy to get caught up in the busy, active world. The stress of daily life is constant, and it can be hard to remember to take a moment to breathe and appreciate what makes life wonderful. When we pause to think about what we are grateful…

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Compassion in the Martial Arts

compassion two karate teen girls shaking hands

Compassion comes in many forms to many people, but it ultimately is showing someone you care for them. At Buzz Durkin’s Karate, compassion is taught in every class. Children learn to socialize with people of different ages, getting to know different types of people and making new friends. Teamwork with…

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