How Karate Helps Kids Build Self-Discipline

Focused boy

Emotions can be very intense during childhood. When a child is happy or angry, it is all too easy for them to act impulsively on their feelings. Self-discipline is the ability to control one’s feelings and to act the way one knows is right. Karate training is an excellent way for a child to learn how to control their impulses and do the right thing. This will affect them and everyone around them in a positive way.

How to Show Self-Discipline
It is difficult to stay in control of one’s feelings all the time, but it is important to be able to control them when needed. When a child can control their feelings, they will find it much easier to focus and to demonstrate good self discipline. During karate class, students will be taught how to show self discipline and why it is important. During class, they will practice their self discipline and build good habits of how and when to use it.

Doing the Right Thing
A karate student with excellent self-discipline will do the right thing all on their own. They do not need a teacher or a parent to tell them over and over to do their homework. They do not need reminders to listen to instructions. Without being told, they follow rules at home, at school, and everywhere else they may go.

Controlled Body
A child’s body reflects whatever it is they are feeling. It is important to show good self-discipline in one’s body, especially during karate class. A child with good control of their body will not have wild movements or be spinning in place. Their body will be controlled and calm, with gentle hands.

Controlled Mind
It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. In children, it is sometimes a window into the focus of their mind, as children tend to look at whatever has their attention. A child with a focused mind will look at whomever they are listening to, showing their undivided attention. After they listen, a karate student with good self-discipline will act quickly to follow instructions.

Uncontrolled movements and a lack of attention can be a dangerous combination, especially around other people. Children will feel safer playing and adults will feel more at ease- allowing the child to have fun.

When one child acts in a controlled, safe manner, it can encourage other kids to be better behaved as well. For example, if some children walked into a karate class and saw a student paying attention and showing good focus, they would show good focus as well.

At Buzz Durkin’s Karate School, each of our students learns to recite a series of Student Creeds. The second creed is about self-discipline and how it brings out the best in everyone, summing up the above points.
“I intend to develop self-discipline in order to bring out the best of myself and others.”

Stephanie Rodenhiser is a 4th Degree Black Belt at Buzz Durkin’s Karate School, having trained since she was eight years old. She teaches students of all ages and especially enjoys teaching kids and adults who work hard and develop great outlooks on life.