Three Reasons Families Should Practice Karate Together

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Three Reasons Families Should Practice Karate Together

We talk a lot about the benefits of individual karate practice, but one thing we have not touched upon is how many families study at the dojo. It’s not just siblings – many of parents are getting involved too! Students love their training so much that they pass it on to their children and to their grandchildren. Here are three reasons why.

1. Sharing a Common Interest

When a family practices karate together they can enjoy a similar interest that everyone can do together. This promotes a strong, positive bond. Family members learn to appreciate each other’s different perspective on what they learn in class – gaining a respect for the opinions of others.

2. Learning to Get Along

I was watching a brother and sister practicing the other day and something dawned on me: When they first started training they wouldn’t even stand next to each other in line, and now they are working together and giving each other tips on how to improve! The discipline, compassion, and gratitude learn in the dojo certainly go a long way in improve the relationship between family members – as does knowing that someone is going through the same challenges that you are.

3. Everyone Shares the Benefits

The best thing about practicing karate as a family is how everyone helps each other get better. Not only is this how a family should work – it’s how a dojo should work too. Every person shares the benefits of training. Every person gets in better shape from an awesome workout. Every person gains better focus and confidence. And every person learns a skill that could someday save their lives or a loved one’s. Every student who walks through the doors of a dojo learns to help others and learns to help each other grow as a family.