An Update from Sensei Durkin


To all students, parents, alumni, and dojo family,

I hope you are having a great start to the New Year. Things here at the dojo have been very busy, but all in a good way.

Our Black Belt testing cycle is in full bloom and we have 148 students in the Butokukai testing for advanced Black Belt ranks. The Graduation this year will be held May 6th at the Performing Arts Center at Timberlane High School. If you haven’t attended a graduation recently, please make it this year. We are planning a great show as we continue to celebrate our Uechi Ryu.


We recently sponsored a Blood Drive for the American Red Cross and it was an overwhelming success. The Red Cross personnel were amazed at the amount of contributions they received and the attitude of our donors. The Red Cross director said, “it was the nicest group of donors I have ever worked with.” As in the past, our student body continues to be supportive, contributing members of our community.

On March 16th, we are having a very special event at the school and I would encourage you to attend. We will be teaching “Five Self-Defense Techniques Every Person Should Know.” This class will be followed by a wine tasting sponsored by the Prime Butcher in Hampstead. I strongly encourage you to bring your spouse, friend, and/or significant other to this event. Participants will learn valuable life skills and also enjoy a relaxing night of wine sampling and cheese. Just call or email the dojo to let us know you will be coming and we will reserve your spaces.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Buzz Durkin