Why Women Should Train in the Martial Arts

women black belts

More women than ever before have begun learning how to defend themselves through the martial arts. Gone are the stereotypes of woman as weak, dependent, and helpless. Today’s woman is stronger, more independent, and more proactive in achieving her goals – many thanks to their training.
The reason women begin practicing martial arts will vary. Some want a good work out, others want to learn practical ways to protect themselves, and other women will want a place to relieve their stress and frustration. They all will find physical benefits such as increased flexibility and strength as well as decreased joint pain and stress.
Many women continue martial arts for the emotional benefits as well as the physical benefits. Women who begin practicing martial arts find that they become more positive in their mentality and their attitude as well as experiencing better confidence and improved self-esteem. With a solid foundation of confidence, women find that they are more comfortable asserting themselves. Not only is this crucial when it comes to self-defense, it is also incredibly beneficial in day-to-day life.
The knowledge of how to defend oneself can be freeing for a woman. As a woman who personally has benefited from training in the martial arts – I recommend every female give it a try.
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Stephanie Rodenhiser is a 4th Degree Black Belt at Buzz Durkin’s Karate School, having trained since she was eight years old. She teaches students of all ages and especially enjoys teaching kids and adults who work hard and develop great outlooks on life.