Basically, karate training at our school consists of three related areas of training:

TRAINING OF THE BODY to include flexibility, coordination, balance, strength, speed and stamina.

TRAINING OF THE MIND to include concentration, awareness, emotional discipline and confidence.

TRAINING IN SELF-DEFENSE to include timing, distancing, accuracy, techniques of blocking and counterattacking, and psychological principles of fighting.

The real value of our curriculum is that whatever is learned on the dojo floor can be directly applied to one’s life outside the karate school.

Whether it is the self-confidence it takes to make a sales call, the focus to stay on task with a project, or the patience to deal with someone who may treat you rudely, the karate practitioner develops the skills to handle these situations as well as other life challenges in a positive manner!

The ingredients that keep all the training moving in a positive direction are enjoyment and fun.

That’s the glue to our program. We have quality students and teachers who enjoy what they do and enjoy helping others improve and lead more productive lives.