The Benefits of Being a Karate Mom

karate mom with son

Did you know that many of our students are parents of children who study at our school? Here are some of the benefits that mothers of student’s have gained from their karate training. Physical Development Learning martial arts is a great way to stay in shape and learn how to…

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A Message From Buzz Durkin

  I am happy to be writing to you and love keeping you part of our dojo family by letting you know what is going on. This has been an exciting spring time for us. We recently (May 6th) had our annual Black Belt graduation and 150 students were elevated…

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The Black Belt Graduation

Black Belt Graduation

This past weekend, Buzz Durkin’s Karate School and the Uechiryu Butokukai hosted a graduation for it’s black belt candidates. This is a momentous occasion in a martial artist’s career and is an achievement in hard work and determination. To all of our new black belts and to our next-rank black…

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Karate Instills Integrity and Honesty

Karate teenager integrity

Honesty is an important virtue for martial artists. They strive to say what they believe and treat others respectfully and straightforwardly. This sense of integrity helps to build trust and friendship with those they train with, including instructors, peers, and high-ranking students. Their strong moral standing also builds trust with…

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The Karate Dojo

Karate Class

A dojo is a place of learning. Every martial arts school will focus on something different, but at Buzz Durkin’s Karate School, we strive to have a productive and cooperative atmosphere. The word dojo translates to mean way place. The general understanding of this definition is that the dojo is…

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Why I Love to Teach

Female karate instructor teaching

As an instructor, I love to help my students reach their goals and hone their skills. Seeing them improve and surpass their own expectations is very rewarding. When teaching martial arts, I want to help my students become better trained to defend themselves. I hope they never find themselves in…

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Five Ways Karate Improves Fitness

Fit Karate Man

Strength Karate is an excellent way to build strength. Even without lifting weights, a student will naturally gain muscle through practicing their karate. Working with a peer or a higher-ranked martial artist is also a great way to get stronger. Their advice and experience will improve your form, which will…

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5 Reasons to Start Karate Today

adult male karate class

Exercise Working out in class is a great way to exercise and reduce stress. Through training, a martial arts student can build more strength and power. Over time, a student’s stamina will improve, which will increase their base energy level. For those who already have good power and endurance, karate…

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